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CSQ Super Peak Preparations

Super Peak Preparations! Want to know what to think about how to prepare for your organisation's Super Peak events? Whether it's the Superbowl, the World Cup Final or the Grand National
Roundtable Chat

CSQ Roundtable Chat Jun 24

Circle Squared Roundtable Chat June 24. Discussion with some of our most knowledgeable friends about the player prop scandals and sports integrity in the US.
Roundtable Chat

CSQ Roundtable Chat Feb 24

Circle Squared Roundtable Chat February 24. Reflections on this years ICE conference. The last time it will be in London.
Roundtable Chat

CSQ Roundtable Chat Jan 24

The first Circle Squared roundtable chat. January 2024. We look forwards to the year.
Press Release

Circle Squared Tekkorp Strategic Partnership Agreement

Circle Squared and Tekkorp are delighted to announce strategic partnership

There is so much to fix! I don't know what I have and I don't know where to start!

Why taking the time to understand what you have and how its working might make all the difference. Author: Graham Cassell Time to Read: 5 mins

Non-Functional Requirements as a First Class Citizen

Why non-functional requirements matter and how getting them right can be the difference between success and failure. Author: Mick d'Ancona Time to Read: 7 Minutes
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