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Our team is made up of industry experts with
an understanding of the challenges and
opportunities of the gaming industry.

Why work with Circle Squared?

We have unparalleled expertise, with decades of experience helping gaming operators work out how to get the best from their product and technology. We were there in the earliest days of the digital revolution and have gained hard-won lessons and insight from supporting operators and providers through the rapid and often dramatic changes in technology, regulation and consumer expectations.

Clyde Harris
23+ years in the industry
Graham Cassell
24+ years in the industry
Mick d’Ancona
24+ years in the industry
Peter Sherman
19+ years in the industry

Experience & Expertise

We have lived it and done it, from start-up to global scale and we have the battle scars to prove it!

We Listen and Learn

We are unapologetically opinionated because you have to start somewhere, but we are never dogmatic - we are always seeking to learn and to improve on what we can offer our customers.

Open & Transparent

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in all of our interactions, from the most junior team member, all the way to the C-level.

We Sweat the Small Stuff

Whether it is high-level strategy or a single support ticket, we pay close attention to the smallest details in everything we do.

We will help you

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets or opportunities, to select a new partner, or to improve your team’s delivery capabilities, we will help you develop and implement strategies that drive positive change and growth.

We Flex (so you don’t have to)

We are here to understand your challenges and to enable you to deliver in the way that works for you - we will mould how we work around your needs and ways of working.


Time is precious, so we put in effort up front to ensure we help you
solve the problems and answer the questions that really matter.

Measure Success

We passionately believe that success is always measurable and we will define those goals with you.


Our goal is to ensure we answer your questions and help you deliver long-term, sustainable outcomes that don’t rely on day-to-day engagements with the Circle Squared team.

An image showing team members collaborating together.

We're always happy to help

We value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think.

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