Circle Squared specialises in helping clients and partners enable and drive their end-to-end product delivery capabilities. We will work with you from early stage inception, right the way through to execution and beyond.

  • Product strategy & roadmap creation and management
  • High-level scoping, impact and feasibility assessment
  • Functional and non-functional requirements gathering
  • KPI definition and insights
  • Cross-functional collaborative product launch and execution


Ensuring that you have the right processes and tooling is as important as knowing what to build, and Circle Squared brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you and your teams.

  • Architecture and technology selection frameworks
  • Development and test methodologies, feedback loops and continuous improvement
  • Agile planning, delivery and optimisation
  • ITSM, change and quality processes
  • Collaboration, development and support tooling selection and implementation


Circle Squared, with its experience and proven strategies, will help you focus your efforts and support you in making the right choices for your business and your teams.

  • People, process and technology gap analyses and maturity assessments
  • Product & tech organisational design and growth strategies
  • Partner selection, engagement and onboarding
  • Platform migration planning and execution
  • Technology cost modelling and forecasting


With decades of experience working in most major markets and across the spectrum of gaming products, services and platforms, Circle Squared is uniquely positioned to offer real insight and hands-on support to organisations running M&A and investment activities.

  • Target selection strategies
  • Product and technology due diligence processes
  • Operating model and day-one readiness
  • Post-acquisition integration support
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